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Anti-creasing agent P-658
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Anti-creasing agent P-658 is a wet anti-creasing agent that used for wet processing of heavy fabric, closely woven fabric and Lycra. It is built material that mainly composed of fatty alcohol ester, has excellent lubricating property.

Characteristics and advantage
Impart fabrics with excellent gliding property in wet process, markedly improve fabric’s softness after finishing.
Decrease rubbing between fabrics, fabric and equipment, preventing yarn fuzzing and fabric being abraded. 
Decrease crow’s feet caused of fabric crinkling.
Help Lycra, super-shrinkage polyester fabric even shrinking, make fabrics flat and no crease mark.
Has synergistic leveling action.

Basic property
Appearance:   white powder

Application field
Fabric:      polyester, nylon, cotton and their blend heavy, elastic, high shrinkage fabrics.
Process:     pretreatment, dyeing
Equipment:  rope dyeing machine, jet overflow dyeing machine, etc.

Recommended dosage
Firstly, P-658 should be diluted 1:49 with hot water,
Immersion method:  Diluted anti-creasing agent P-658:  1-5% (o.w.f)


Can be stored for 12 months under cool and well ventilated condition.